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WCCW Feminist Reading Group - Feminism is for Everybody

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The first meeting of the group will be on 4/16 at Otherwild, located at 1932 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles CA 90026. We are going to start with reading bell hooks' "Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics" -- you can download a scan here:


We'll be reading through Chapter 4 for this meeting, and then through the end of the book for the meeting on April 30th, which will take place at the Public School LA. While we hope to have a core group that builds, we understand people will not always be able to come to all meetings and will try to announce readings regularly, so that people can come read an article or a book with the group as it fits their schedule. We also hope to set up a system where there are questions and a leader guiding the reading discussion a bit, we'll lead this first time or two, and hope you'll come prepared to discuss one or more of these questions in relationship to "Feminism is for Everybody" and/or in general:


-What do you need/want from this book?

-What do you need/want from this group?

-What do you need/want from feminism?


Dawn has compiled all of the suggested readings into one Google Doc. If you plan on being part of the group, we would appreciate if you'd click through below and select readings that are interesting to you. We are going to use this to prioritize which readings seem to be of interest to most people and create a schedule:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 19:30
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