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"Introduction to Sound Design and Algorithmic Music Programming with SuperCollider" blog

course description (brief)

course description (brief)



- you will probably want a computer (any OS is ok, mac preferred), contact me if you need a loaner

- some general background in digital audio production / music / electronic sound

- interest in programming, preferably with some (minimal) experience




definite topics:

- SuperCollider programming syntax

- structure of the SC audio engine

- "traditional" synthesis/processing structures: additive, subtractive, FM, waveshaping, delay
- live looping, sampling, granular synthesis
- chaotic and stochastic algorithms

- arbitrary sequencing / pattern generation
- realtime control (MIDI, joysticks/gamepad, mouse/keyboard)

- non-realtime input and output (audio file manipulation, "scores," data files)

- object-oriented concepts (enough to be dangerous)


possible topics:

- graphical interfaces / animation

- spectral domain processing

- other time-based algorithms: cellular automata, discretized differential equations, etc

- other kinds of realtime I/O: network, serial/arduino, etc

- many more, pending interest and time




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