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The public school for architecture brussels needs a school trip. Black holes, back rooms. Invisible monsters and aggressively inspiring architectural artefacts. Air pockets and sign systems. Panoramic in oblivion.
In our time, and especially in our city, parking garages are both hated and loved, booming and going extinct. Speed trip: Brussels Parking Garage Dérive proposes a carpool daytrip around town. We’ll stitch together a route via both Brussels’ well-known and its more exotic parking garages. Participants will share cars and document the disconnected nodes along the way. 

Usually, an entry ticket to a garage grants you a fifteen minute timeframe in which you can drive off again - not having found a decent spot to park. These free moments - and the drive soundtrack - will decide the pace of the trip.

The Brussels Parking Garage Dérive is organized by Pieterjan Ginckels and is a collaboration between the public school for architecture brussels and Z33's show Future Fictions: perspectives on world building.
10:00    Start Hasselt 
11:00    Pick-up and start trip Brussels
15:00    End of Speed Trip
16:00    Arrival in Hasselt, compilation of documentation
18:00    The End

Participants are expected to actively think about and contribute to the parking garage tour and the method of documentation (cf. questions in the registration form). We will work out a carpool system with cars of the participants (travel costs will be reimbursed for the cars doing the trip Hasselt – Brussels – Hasselt).

Participation is free, but registration beforehand is required. Max. number of participants: 20 (4 cars).

Would you like to join? Great! Send an email to, with the mention of 'Brussels Parking Dérive' in the subject line. Please also mention name, contact information (telephone, address, email), profession/training.

Please also respond briefly to the following questions: 
- Why are you interested in participating?
- Which songs are in your playlist for the Speed Trip?
- Which parking garage in Brussels would you like to visit?
- Will you drive your own car?
- How would you like to document the trip (video, foto - smartphone / (semi)professional, drawings, audio ...)?

Or just use this application form:

more information here:

Pieterjan Ginckels
Friday, November 28, 2014 - 10:00 to 18:00
Maximum capacity: 
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