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Ecohousing - techniques, art in design, purpose, collaboration, examples

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alternative construction methods: strawbale, sandbag, self-bearing, foundations free, green roof, green-house, rain and grey water management, clivus multrum, endless constructional possibilities...

natural construction materials:
wood, clay, straw, cane, flax, rattan, cork, celulose, coconut
secondary materials (glass bottles, old tires)
natural mineral components (silt, sand, gravel, rock, perlit, keramzit, glass foam)
traditional recipes with use of animal products (kasein, manure, wool) for high performance

artistic possibilities: art in desing and details, pictures, videos, presentation

low-cost high-value housing:
high energy performance with full comfort possibilities,
scientific approach to basic requirements,
passive zero and intelligent housing
energy self-sufficiency, renewables incorporation
low cost materials, often for free or minimal costs
no price for work if made DIY method, community participation

Earthship, Tom Rijven, Sandbag, solar-gains orientation, costs and life-span

The class will present these ideas, show some pictures and videos, talk a bit about experiences.



Martin Janiga
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 20:00
brussels congres station, boulevard pacheco 38, 1000 more
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