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Summer Class Series on the History of Radical Politics, Part I: Marxism (Meeting 2)

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Join David Adam for the second meeting of our introduction to Marxism. For this meeting, we will leave the Communist Manifesto behind and explore the politics and history of post-Marx Marxism. What are some of the main political traditions that identify with Marxism? What are some of the important debates within the history of Marxism? We will analyze and critique various 20th century interpretations of Marxism, looking briefly at the politics of the Second and Third Internationals, at Left Communism, Trotskyism, and Maoism. Before the meeting, try to read "Social Democracy as a Historical Phenomenon" by Adam Przeworski, available in this reader: The presentation will be followed by a discussion in which we can take up some of the themes of Przeworski's essay.


And don't forget! The series on the history of radical politics continues all summer with topics such as anarchism, feminism, and anticolonialism. If you're also intersted in any of those, follow along and like us on facebook:

Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 04:00
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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