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Book’Em: Personal Archives + Open(ing) Access to Books

Organizing Committee:

Archives often refer to institutional collections (as monuments of modernity) while with recent technological development, individual users can access to and own more and more digital objects, and it seems urgent to address the question of personal archives, that presents to us at the same time an epochal change as well as a political question. This talk address three main questions: 1)Why is it necessary to talk about personal archives? 2) How can one define a personal archive and its difference from existing cloud computing services? 3) What will be the possibility of developing new practices and tools of personal archives?
This workshop will be part facilitated discussion and part exploratory discussion heading towards ideas to further develop. 
Yuk Hui, Ulrike Gollner, Agata Krolikowski, and Minuette Le are researchers, computer scientists, and designers working at the Hybrid Publishing Lab, part of the Centre for Digital Cultures at Leuphana Universität. We also work with the Hybrid Publishing Consortium on issues around open-source infrastructures for academics, small publishers and university publishers.
Suggested Reading
Warwick, Henry, Radical Tactics of the Offline Library, Institute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam Video:
Hui, Yuk, Archivist Manifesto, Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana Universität
Mattern, Shannon, Library as Infrastructure Reading room, social service center, maker-space. How far can we stretch the public library?
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