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Cloud-Based Institutional Critique

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* UPDATE 6 *

Special Joint Meeting -

#CBIC and Contemporary Art Magazines Reading Group Collaboration


Wither New Republic?

Monday, January 12, 2015


New Museum

235 Bowery


Please RSVP here


The urgent questions of CBIC have aligned directly with the historic demise of one of the paramount journals of arts and politics, the New Republic. At the same time, the examination of particular forms of critical writing and publishing that takes place at the Contemporary Art Magazines Reading Group makes for an interesting opportunity for these two groups to discuss the maelstrom that is the post-Hughes New Republic. Is a magazine an institution? What did Hughes do that so rankled his world class editors? What does it mean to be a digital publication?



Leon Wieseltier, Among The Disrupted


Press Release announcing Gabriel Snyder and the magazine’s Venture Capital Fund

Vidra’s now historic all-staff memo

Resignation Letters 

Jed Perl


Ryan Lizza’s New Yorker Piece

Rebuttal - Chris Hughes' op-ed in the Washington Post

A new New Republic - Gabriel Snyder's Note to Readers

Selections of Art Criticism from TNR back issues

  1. Jed Perl, Symbolism at the National Gallery -

  1. Jed Perl, Social Action -

  2. Robert Hughes, on Julian Schnabel


* UPDATE 5 *



Dec 6th 6:30pm

Bruce High Quality Foundation University

34 Avenue A 3rd Fl.

NYC 10009

Btw 2nd & 3rd St.





Hito Steyerl, The Institution of Critique, 2006

Nathan Jurgenson, The View from Nowhere, The New Inquiry, October 2014

Evgeny Morozov, The Rise of Data and the Death of Politics, The Guardian, July 2014  

Christopher Glazek, Shopkeepers of the World Unite, Artforum, June 2014

Rob Kitchin, Thinking Critically About and Researching Algorithms, October 2014

Nick O'Brien, A Plea, March 2014


* UPDATE 4 *

next meeting is Monday, 11/10
7:00pm DUMBO
55 Washington St. New York, NY 11201
(see signs in lobby for room number)

The following readings were the suggestions of a crack team of regular CBIC participants. We're very lucky to have some great minds pitch in with their recommendations. This will be an extra-disruptive and collaborative session...a hackathon, if you will.

In no particular order:

Peter Thiel, “Competition Is for Losers”

Sigmar Gabriel, “Political consequences of the Google debate”

Ian Bogost, "Hyperemployment, or the Exhausting Work of the Technology User"

Karen Gregory's response to Ian Bogost:

Franklin Foer, "Amazon Must Be Stopped"

Rob Horning’s comments from Internet Subjects: #Uberwar and the “Sharing” Economy. New Museum and Rhizome 06/19/14 )

The following are less readings than events/things or image-scapes that might be read in tandem with our readings thus far...something to peruse in the background:



next meeting...
Sunday, 10/19
7:00pm DUMBO
55 Washington St.
New York, NY 11201
(see signs in lobby for room number)

Theme: "Hacking" the Art World: Who's Hackin' Who?

1. McKenzie Wark, Designs for a New World, e-flux

2. Jaron Lanier on Siren Servers (selections from Who Owns the Future, 2013) The linked pdf contains the most essential aspects for our discussion.

  • (If you can, read the entire book. It's a breezy read)

3. Carter Cleveland Says Art in the Future Will Be for Everyone,\

4. This Isn't a Kickstarter, It's an Art Show

5. I also thought we could take this chance to generally familiarize ourselves with various art startups using digital technology, including Paddle 8,, Artbinder,, Artrank, and many more. You may already know them well, but in particular thes articles are helpful and brief:

Dan Duray’s recap of the online arts sales startups a few years on

Julia Halpern's overview of the players in the online art world

* * *


Below are the readings for the second class taking place Tuesday 9/30/2014, 7:30 PM in DUMBO, BK. All are welcome.

55 Washington St. 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Theme: Content Management: Museum and/or Database

Readings, roughly in order of importance:

  1. Jill Lepore, the Disruption Machine: What the Gospel of Innovation Gets Wrong, New Yorker
  2. Boris Groys, Entering the Flow: Museum Between Archive and Gesamtkunstwerk, e-flux
  3. The “Exhibitionist Debates” (these are very short. Don’t freak out)
    1. JiaJia Fei, Digital as a Dimension of Everything, The Exhibitionist Blog,
    2. JiaJia Fei, The Internet is the New Lower East Side, The Exhibitionist Blog,
    3. JiaJia Fei, Mission Over Permission, The Exhibitionist Blog,
    4. Daniel Palmer, Share and Share Alike: Museums and the Digital Image Explosion (Part 1), The Exhibitionist Blog,
    5. Daniel Palmer, Share and Share Alike: Museums and the Digital Image Explosion (Part 2), The Exhibitionist Blog,
  4. Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri, “Network Production” (selection from Empire, 2000, 294-297)


* UPDATE 1 *

I've posted the first set of readings for this group below

Please Register here

First Session

8/28 7:00pm

397 Bridge Street 7FL Brooklyn, NY 11201


Want to suggest a reading? Go here!


Few corners of the art system remain untouched by the utopian solutionism of tech entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley logic. Rhetoric about “liberation,” “transparency,” and new “disruptive” digital models have begun to dominate debates that have raged in the arts for centuries, from the museum’s relationship to the public, the artist’s position in the art market, and the role of pedagogy and criticism in an ever-expanding, ever-commercialized art world. Recently several well-known examples have sparked passionate arguments from all sides. But is the art system broken? And who, exactly, is rushing in to fix it? And what are their interests?

This class is designed to be a forum for discussion of digital technologies and their relationship to arts institutions, with a particular focus on both their theoretical underpinnings and the practical applications of various new models now in existence. We aim to gather a diverse set of perspectives to work through their roles, motivations, and ideologies to better understand implications for artists, writers, and arts professionals.

Provisional syllabus includes selections from Evgeny Morozov, Astra Taylor, Jaron Lanier, Dardot & Laval, Jill Lepore, Alexander Galloway, in addition to various artists' texts, essays, and relevant press coverage.

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