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Empire-Logistics and Global Supply Chains

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For the next meeting, we've divided up the chapter and waiting for people choose which seciton they will summarize. Here's are the sections of Chapter 9 of Getting the Goods: Ports, Labor, and the Logistics Revolution chapter 9, “Warehouse and Distribution Center Workers”:

Section One: pages 225-227

  1. Brief History Warehouse Unions
  2. Warehouse Workers in Inland Empire & Logistics Revolution

Section Two: pages 227-231

iii. Temp Agencies

Section Three: pages 231-233

iv. The Work Force

  1. Wages & Working Conditions

Section Four: pages 233-235

vi. Direct Hires, Permatemps & Employee Leasing

Section Five: pages 235-238

vii. Workers’ Compensation

Section Six: pages 238-240

viii. Union Organizing

ix. Assessment

x. Conclusion

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 19:00
Redstone Building, 2940 16th Street, 94103 more
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