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Empire-Logistics and Global Supply Chains

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Our next meeting will be a recap of our recent collaboration with the Los Angeles Public  School and our tour of the Los Angeles/Long Beach ports and surrounding logistics complex. Additionally, we had a one-day formal meeting at the LA Public Schoolto discuss the future of the Empire Logistics project. 

Here's a tentative proposal for topics to discuss at the next meeting:

Southern Caliifornia Logistics Cluster Tour

Review our trip:

  1. the terminals RD showed us:
    • Matson
    • APL &  APM
    • LBCT (a.k.a. Long Beach Middle Harbor, the new Rotterdam-style super-automated robotic facility)
  2. the railyards & warehouses E & S pointed us towards, and other facilities we passed:
    • BNSF Watson Yard (in Wilmington, part of the Harbor Subdivision)
    • UP Dolores Yard (in Carson)
    • Green Fleet (trucking firm part of the NRLB decision)
    • The Alameda Corridor
    • warehouse clusters we passed along the Alameda Corridor in:
      • Carson
      • Compton
      • Lynwood
      • South Gate
      • Huntington Park
      • Vernon
      • East L.A. 
  3. recap the discussion at Sunday's website and EL meeting
Friday, August 29, 2014 - 19:00
Redstone Building, 2940 16th Street, 94103 more
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