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Value, Capitalism, Communism

Organizing Committee:

A seminar led by Jasper Bernes. The seminar is designed to run for three sessions. For our first meeting, we will read a chapter — entitled Value, Time, and Communism” — that Gilles Dauvé has added to a new edition of his classic 1974 text, Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement. We will also read a critique of Dauvé and his ideas about value and time, written by David Adam, “Marx’s critique of socialist labor-money schemes and the myth of council communism’s Proudhonism.” In the second session we will read the texts by Marx and by the Dutch International Group of Communists discussed in the debate between Adams and Dauvé. Readings for the third session will be decided after consultation with the group. First meeting: Monday Oct 6, 7 pm Second meeting: Monday Oct 20, 7 pm Third meeting: Monday Nov 3, 7 pm. Detailed information here:

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