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Post-Foundational Architectures?

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On Sat, 25th of Oct. 2014 apass organizes a transdisciplinary a meeting of professionals working with modes of spatial production. This Scenography Workgroup meeting will happen in Brussels and be dedicated to the possibility of a post-foundational architecture, and the implications of post-foundational political thought on spatial production. We would like to open this meeting in a working atmosphere to the community of Public School. We invite you to come and participate in our discussions around this topic and build in-depth working groups. A more clear schedule for the day will be posted soon. Scenography Workgroup will be this time: Bettina Vismann, Yorgos Sapountzis, Luis Berrios-Negron, Vladimir Miller, Jozef Wouters, Nicolas Galeazzi

Post-foundationalism is a position in political theory that denies a possibility for an irrefutable ground for democracy. On the contrary it sees the absence of such a ground as the only possibility for democracy to exist: we as society come together to discuss why and how we want to organize ourselves, and these questions are there precisely to never be settled, to provide the missing foundation and lend urgency to a constant re-shaping of our society. 
Our built environment works exactly in the opposite direction. The way we build clarifies and chrysalises political structures around us. Architecture is used to solidify hegemony and political structure through regulating access to space, solidifying processes of territorialization, and in general resisting changeability. 
What kind of architecture will be needed and/or possible in a society where much more is put to change and negotiation? What kind of architecture can be negotiable and therefore an object/actant/catalyst of politics? 


Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 13:00 to 17:00
a.pass, Delaunoystraat 58-64, 1080 more
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