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Architecture and Power: An analysis of the relations between power, discourse and materiality in Cypriot commemoration sites

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Based on an ethnographic research (sub)project on the hegemonic articulations of the other in the Republic of Cyprus, this talk discusses how the statues, commemoration sites and cemeteries in the south of the island intervene in the Cypriot public spaces by presenting heroic imaginaries that celebrate the Greek-Cypiot fighters in, and victims of, the independence war, the intra-communal violence of the 1960s and the Turkish invasion of 1974. Also the rare, but important, cases that unsettle these hegemonic articulations, and that introduce counter-hegemonic discourses into these public spaces, will be discussed. This analysis will then allow for a reflection on the relationship between the material and the discursive, showing how practices of meaning-making are confronted with the material invitations to confirm, alter or reject these meanings.
Nico Carpentier
Friday, December 12, 2014 - 16:00
Aleppo more
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