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Meeting #5: #CBIC

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B.H.Q.F.U. will host the largest and most scalable meeting of Cloud-Based Institutional Critique (#CBIC) this side of Menlo Park. We'll be announcing several special guests over the next few weeks. For now, mark your calendars for a lively discussion hosted conveniently in the East Village. 

Drinks afterward. 




Hito Steyerl, The Institution of Critique, 2006


Nathan Jurgenson, The View from Nowhere, The New Inquiry, October 2014


Evgeny Morozov, The Rise of Data and the Death of Politics, The Guardian, July 2014  

Christopher Glazek, Shopkeepers of the World Unite, Artforum, June 2014


Rob Kitchin, Thinking Critically About and Researching Algorithms, October 2014

Nicholas O'Brien, A Plea, March 2014



Dec 6th 6:30pm

Bruce High Quality Foundation University

34 Avenue A 3rd Fl.

NYC 10009

Btw 2nd & 3rd St.


More on CBIC:

Cloud-Based Institutional Critique is a discussion and reading group aimed at gathering voices interested in discourses about innovation, digital technology, and "disruption" as they implicate cultural institutions. Its aim is to form a useful critical vocabulary outside of the hype and accepted narrative about the roles technology can and will play in reshaping the "art world." Full site:

Sponsored by Club-Mate USA


Saturday, December 6, 2014 - 18:30
Bruce High Quality Foundation University more
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