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DOING will be a study in the origins of theater, not from historical precedent, but through the ongoing reinvention of action. We will work with the shape of each hour of the 24-hour cycle, and we will meet on a weekly basis to share what we have recorded. The information to be recorded includes the following:

• 1) The space/s you are in, and/or move through

• 2) The position, movement, gestures of your body

• 3) Your six sense doors

o a. Eye and visible objects

o b. Ear and sound

o c. Nose and odor

o d. Tongue and taste

o e. Body and touch

o f. Mind and mental objects

• Write/draw from 1 to 5 minutes at the end of each hour.

Weekly, in-class sessions will focus on 1 hour of the 24-hour day. Students will share what they recorded for the hour, while other students respond with questions and prompts, such as:

1. Change one aspect of how you performed one action in this hour

2. Change the time of day

3. Change the objects in the room

4. Change the space you are in

5. Perform the hour backwards

DOING will be a space to reveal what we do, and in the recognition of what we do, locating the material we have to transform, into extended performance, inside and outside of class. A collection of texts will be uploaded to a shared folder, not for required reading, but to serve as a backdrop for students to draw from on their own time, as class-time will be situated in the somatic.

DOING will be the 1st installment in a 3-part series of performance work, the 2nd of which will be POETRY IS LAW, and the 3rd entitled, THE ELEMENTS. Space is limited. Please contact Alana at if you are interested.

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