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Artists and Workers of Color Initiative: Collective Reading, Research and Production

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AWCi is interested in a collective exploration of race, gender, and class, as they relate to art workers and art institutions, both past and present. For this purpose we welcome collaboration with other artists, writers, researches, educators and activists of color to join in this collective exploration. We would like to make our research material easily accessible and hope others will join and share their knowledge and experience.

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Join the 2015 class & add initial lines of activities here:

Artists and Workers of Color Initiative / Collective Reading, Research and Production

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RVSP to the first session:

Session 1: A Collective Timeline of Art & Activism
Saturday, January 24th, 2015  3:00–5:00 pm
@Triangle Association 20 Jay Street #318, Brooklyn, NY 11201



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we've added a new workshop.... this Saturday Feb 14th, 3-5pm at Smack Mellon... We'll be reading letters of protest by artists of color to New York museums. 

It should be fun... Let's see if anything has changed...

RSPV here:



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Classes will be updated soon, I just email Orit @tPs. In the meantime here is a short description of the first session...


AWCi Session 1: A Collective Timeline of Art & Activism

Artists, Workers of Color Initiative
@Triangle Association
20 Jay Street #318,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Saturday, January 24th, 2015
3:00–5:00 pm

From Civil Rights to Artists Rights. In this first session we will
collectively map out the intersection of events and activities by artists
of color and civil rights groups like Spiral, Black Panthers, Brown
Berets/Chicano Movement, Young Lords, Women Students and Artists for Black
Art Liberation. --> bring pdfs, timelines, and mark making materials! or email

 Hi I'm very interested in participating in this. Though i've not said that i could either teach or organize this -- I am happy to contribute whatever i can to the project and that might include readings/viewings or helping with organizing meetings. 





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