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Viewpoint Magazine Reading Group, Meeting 8: Citizen and Migrant

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For this meeting, we will discuss the article “The Deep State: Germany, Immigration, and the National Socialist Underground” [] by Wildcat []. Lauren will discuss the latest developments in the criminal trial against the sole survivor of the National Socialist Underground [National Sozialistischer Untergrund] (NSU) “trio”, Beate Zschäpe, and the four NSU supporters. The NSU, a fascist terror organization is alleged to have murdered nine victims, who were all legal residents of Germany with migrant backgrounds (from Turkey and Greece) who worked as entrepreneurs in various German towns. The NSU is also alleged to have killed a female police officer, and to have been responsible for three bomb attacks and around fifteen bank hold-ups. We will discuss the activities of the neo-nazi networks within the context of debates about racism, immigration and refugee policies in Germany. A central argument of the article is how the mechanisms of the “deep state” are sympathetic to, complicit in, and involved in the covering up of fascist terror in Germany– the “deep state” is characterized as “this dense web of intelligence agencies, military, and police that supports government actions and implements its regulations with extra-legal means, 'free­-lance' employees and 'auxiliary forces' – which was must not become visible.” Nevertheless, “the Bundestag investigation committee arrived at the non-factual conclusions that there is 'no evidence to show that any authority was involved in the crimes (of the NSU) in any manner, or supported or approved them' and that there was no evidence 'that before November 4, 2011 any authority had knowledge' of the NSU or its deeds or 'helped it to escape the grasp of the investigating authorities.'"

Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 06:00
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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