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The success of an designer depends on developing the ability to reflect critically and constructively not only on one’s products, but also one’s process. 

This reflection can be prompted with the simulated or live design projects of a formal education, but it is generally not until the total immersion of practice that many designers begin to deeply contextualise their learning and their process.

There are books that tell you one hundred and one things you will learn in architecture school (Frederick, 2007) and there are books that tell you the 21 things you won’t (Dobson, 2014).

Rather than presenting workshop participants with other people’s research into their design practice, this workshop will invite practitioners and students to critique their own practice with explicit reference to their own formal design education. Participants are welcomed from any design background and any stage of their education or professional career.

Contributions are invited from:

• architects
• designers
• students of any design discipline

Participants are invited to register their interest no later than Friday 24 April. Participants will subsequently be invited to prepare a short presentation that critically contextualises the learning and teaching of their formal education against the learning and teaching of their practice.

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Dr. James Benedict Brown

VC2020 Lecturer in Architecture, Leicester School of Architecture; and Producer of the Arch. Ed. Podcast.

Dr. James Benedict Brown
Saturday, May 23, 2015 - 15:00
La Loge, rue de l’Ermitage 86, 1050 more
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