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How to produce living knowledge

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With the event How to produce living knowledge we want to identify the “knowledge as the strategic battlefield for the redefinition of relations of class. To do that, however, we must free ourselves from the idea of knowledge as an object in itself neutral or progressive. Knowledge is neither good nor bad: it is the content and the stakes of a clash, it doesn't exist outside of a fight and into the parties that embody it, and is now crossed by an constructive ambivalence, as productive force and land exploitation." The production of "living knowledge" becomes the central node for us to talk about various issues related to it:
cognitivization and precariousness of work, the intertwining of the economic crisis and the crisis of the university, the transformation of knowledge and education systems. ”Any revolutionary project must be based on the need of re-appropriating this knowledge for the populations that have produced it; not simply making available new knowledge in less restricted 'open' forms but, rather, producing a new common sense: raising critique to the level of society so that society can recognize its real nature and recompose itself in a more sustainable and resilient form.”

This class will be broadcast via skype as part of three days of a digital publishing laboratory organized by IRA-C (ira-c.or) as part of Adhocracy.

Here's the description of the entire project:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 19:00
w-o-l-k-e, Vaartstraat 45, 1000 more
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