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Theoretical Sources of Syriza's Left Platform

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This reading group will examine some of the theoretical sources of the Left Platform formation within Syriza. Week one will concentrate on politics and strategy through selected short texts by Stathis Kouvelakis, Nicos Poulantzas and Daniel Bensaïd. Week two will focus on the critical political economy of Costas Lapavitsas and one of its antecedents, Rudolf Hilferding’s 1910 work Finance Capital (selections from Part IV). The subsequent weeks will be devoted to a close reading of Nicos Poulantzas’s classic 1978 text State, Power, Socialism. Scheduling and readings will be open to revision.
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Nicos Poulantzas: State, class and the transition to socialism

By Doug Enaa Greene

The critiques I spoke about on the last meeting:

Kouvelakis BBC interview:

Debate video and transcript

This debate, now some months old, addresses at least in part the relevance of Poulantzas to current politics:



Tsipras replaces rebels in government reshuffle

"Labor Minister Panos Skourletis will become energy minister to replace Panagiotis Lafazanis"


From the Absurd to the Tragic 

Those who lead Greece and its Left to surrender should be opposed.


"Whatever happens in the next few hours and days, one thing should be clear: any attempt to cancel the popular will for the overturn of austerity and the memoranda amounts to hubris in the ancient Greek sense of the term. Whoever dares to lead the country, and the Left, to surrender and to dishonor should be ready to face the corresponding Nemesis."

Interview with Costas Lapavitsas

Part I

Part II



'We underestimated their power': Greek government insider lifts the lid on five months of 'humiliation' and 'blackmail'


'[Dutch finance minister and Eurogroup president Jeroen] Dijsselbloem told Varoufakis "You either sign the memorandum that the others have signed too, or your economy is going to collapse”. How? “We are going to collapse your banks". He had said that.'

Battle Lines Drawn in Athens

By: Kevin Ovenden

A Moment of Great Decisions 

Despite media misinformation and EU blackmail, anti-austerity forces in Greece remain strong ahead of Sunday’s referendum.

"Die Geldgeber fordern eine vollständige Kapitulation"

Der Wortführer des linken Syriza-Flügels, Costas Lapavitsas, droht, seine Partei werde keine neuen Sparmaßnahmen akzeptieren. Er befürwortet einen Austritt aus dem Euro. INTERVIEW: , ATHEN

In Search of Lost Time 

After five months of negotiations, Syriza’s choices remain the same: capitulate to Greece’s lenders or break with the euro.


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