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Theoretical Sources of Syriza's Left Platform

Organizing Committee:

This reading group will examine some of the theoretical sources of the Left Platform formation within Syriza. Week one will concentrate on politics and strategy through selected short texts by Stathis Kouvelakis, Nicos Poulantzas and Daniel Bensaïd. Week two will focus on the critical political economy of Costas Lapavitsas and one of its antecedents, Rudolf Hilferding’s 1910 work Finance Capital (selections from Part IV). The subsequent weeks will be devoted to a close reading of Nicos Poulantzas’s classic 1978 text State, Power, Socialism. Scheduling and readings will be open to revision.

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Sounds good! 

fotini's picture

great! shall we stick to 2pm? or is later better? 


bit busy, but i think I can make it. Wich time would be good for you? 


Works for me.

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hi there, how does this saturday (01.08) sound for the next meeting? nikolas, do you think you can make it?

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hi nikos,

here are the links we talked about and that josh posted to the proposal of this class:


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and by 'later' i meant earlier... let us know if this works! 

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hello again, it looks like we'll have to hold the next meeting a little bit later, at 14:00 on june 27th. hope that still works for everyone...?!

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hi everyone, thank you for joining yesterday. the second meeting is now scheduled for sat june 27: 

josh, feel free to add to or edit the reading list as per yesterday's discussion... for now i posted the list from your proposed syllabus, but i think there were a couple more suggestions floating around at the end of the meeting? 


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