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This safari class invites you for an exploration of the southern periphery of Brussels. 

We will start near the metro station of Ceria Coovi, where we visit the Marco Polo site, a mixed-use project by CityDev and BUUR that tries to combine housing and working in a renewing way. The architects and planners involved in the project will explain for us the concept and approach that was applied.
Next we visit the Ceria-Coovi complex, a school campus founded in the 1950s, renowned for it's architecture as well as for it's famous cookery and bakery school. Several new development plans for the school campus are currently being made. At GO! and Scholengroep Brussels, the organizing bodies of the school, an experimental approach of integrated panning is being tested. One of the architects involved in the process will shed light on the new planning approach and the plans that came out of it.

From Ceria Coovi we walk to the canal of Brussels, to "the lock of Aa". We then follow the Senne river, all the way into Drogenbos, Flanders. First, we visit one of the few parts in Brussels where the Senne river is flowing in the open. Next, we retrace the course of the river throughout an area on the border between Brussels and Flanders where factories, office buildings and traffic infrastructure dominate the suburban tissue. To finally visit a project - the Marsh site in Drogenbos - where the logic of urbanization and concreting has recently been reversed. Two guides from Coordination Senne and Regional Landscape Pajottenland and Zenne Valley will explain us what the issues relating the Senne river are about.

We conclude our safari with a visit to one of the proposed sites for the development of a new large scale Cultural and Congress Center in the southern border of Brussels. In Flanders and Brussels, the plan for a new suburban cultural center in Ruisbroek is highly contested. Frans De Boeck, chairman of Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek, will explain us the current state of affairs, and will clarify the larger cultural context in which the debate is taking place.

Participants are invited to register their interest no later than Monday 31 August. Please send an email to (please mention ‘psfa-bxl outpost PeriFeria Safari south’ in the subject line)


The Safari class will take place on foot - Duration: 120 min

Start: 18:00, close to Metro Station Ceria/Coovi in Anderlecht

Arrival: 20:15 at Station Ruisbroek (from where you can take a train back to Brussels)

Language: in Dutch, French and English, with translations in between.


Hélène Rillaerts (BUUR), Gordan Cengic (GO!), David Kuborn (Coordination Senne) Kim Ceusters (Regional Landscape Pajottenland & Senne Valley), Frans De Boeck (Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek)


Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - 18:00
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