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Few people have never set foot in an Ikea. Almost all of us have at some point tested furniture in one of the ubiquitous Ikea showrooms, have had coffee or a Swedish meatball dish in the Ikea cafeteria, or have been anxious to find the proper shelf in the Ikea Self Service Store. Ikea commercial centers are actually places where you can find a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and occupations and from different cultures. As such, they have the potential to be places “in which strangers are likely to meet”. But how likely is it that you will actually be interacting meaningfully with the ‘strangers’ that you share the store with? Can an Ikea be a place for significant human exchange and interaction? Or do their commonly criticized qualities of being privately owned and controlled, or lacking authenticity stand in the way of a meaningful encounter with ‘the other’?

This psfa-bxl class is an experiment in testing the potential of meeting strangers in one of contemporary society’s iconic shopping centers, the Ikea commercial center.

Please send an email (to if you want to participate, and we will send you the location for the meeting place for the class.

This Mediating [Infra]Structures event is taking place in the framework of the public school for architecture brussels.

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Jorg De Vriese
Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 18:00
IKEA Anderlecht more
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