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open source: hardware & permaculture

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This topics seems overhelming to you? Let me put it simple: I am searching for people for the next gardening season to grow own food (permaculture not agriculture) and play around with open hardware, so it combines the - in my eyes most future relevant - topics self sufficiency and OpenSourceHardware.

this workshop is the warmup for 2012 to have an effective start in growing own food (even in a city) and developing automation and energy devices. Can you imagine a combination of rooftop remediesGardenBot and sewage treatment? Then please subscribe.

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They say: permaculture is about observing natural life cycles and learning from them.

Well, I think and know: Sooner or later I need new oats and fruits. So i go to my shiny new place and look for fruit trees. Oh great, a apply tree, a strawberry bush and even a walnut. Good start. 

You read as much as you can about it, sooner or later you stand in front of your house you need to know:

  1. which plants do I see around me - are they edible, what do they need/prefer and at least I want to recognize the not so healthy ones
  2. do I need beets or am I happy with the plants already growing there? what can I replace? by what? and where shall I place the beets?
  3. how do I grow particular vegetables? what do they need? ins/outs, so on

Fine, I read about it all, forgot half of the good tips but finally want to start. This means either years of self-experiance or beeing with elders answering my questions. However, I need to do everything at least once, better twice and more often, to really know about.

And: In the very moment you disconnent your brain from the internet (and books) for some moments (and there is no way around this, unless you finish a set of roboters do ALL the work), you will experiance two things: raising questions AND fear to do something wrong. This is normal. Just do it, remember your questions (or write them down, if you are geek like me) and ask later - but first make some rounds through the garden and start to work for one hour or more.

Hands on!


There have been similar courses. Please have a lot on the following on your own in advance: ARDUINOS + GARDENINGURBAN FORAGINGgreywater systems.


Together with you I would like to read through the following articles about OpenSourcePermaculture, collect raising questions in some padopenfarmtechwikip2p foundationsimplesustainable

My long term aim is to work with OSE Europe and develop a permaculture software that fits farmers need as an expert system to advise in garden planning.

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Great to see that other people are interested in sustainable food production.

You might be interested in a project we are currently doing.

We are designing a 3D printable, hydroponic, rotating garden and a large Reprap 3D printer to print it. Imagine having a garden the size of a fridge that automatically grows fruits, vegetables and herbs in your own home.

This is an open source project and you can already download parts of the Kontinuum Garden from

We are nearing the completion of the design phase but haven't started growing anything yet, so any input you might have would be greatly appreciated.

To fund the development of the prototype, we have started a campaign on

Please follow the link and check it out.

Best Regards
Kontinuum Prints

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i can think of few places around Berlin where people may like to participate =)

btw. i hope we can change Germany into Elbe/Rhein/Donau etc.

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atm i study this and would like to have a conversation with you about it:


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