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On the politics of living and relating in the natural world

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A research presentation and public picnic on living and relating in the world co-editorX20 of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest is in town and is hoping to have an exchange on their research on ecology and the world. location- Grand Park's Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain Downtown LA date- July 11th, 7:30 PM bring- some food to share if you want, and any ol' object if you fancy note- feel free to email in advance with questions. -co-editorX20's been doing research around both the sensible, practical knowledge formed between concrete relations of people living in areas of ecological (natural and social) crisis. This has been primarily in Southern Europe. -they've also been working through concepts regarding the differential functions of both global and particular (natural, social, economic) ecologies. -finally, they've been thinking about how objects (stuff, performance scripts, landscapes, ideas- including but not limited to art) form material in which to and through which to relate. X20 will casually, though with structure, present their research, lay out a few questions and ask for feedback and conversation. .... Pertainant Thesis: While art's continuation as a cohesive discipline suggests at least a partial monopoly over the terms for social organization, this is hardly the case. What art produces, at best, is neat stuff and institutions for that neat stuffs' dissemination and utilization. Yet the things and objects of art (as objects, images, performance scripts, ideas) are fated only to join the general class of objects known as things- regardless of whether they carry with them the luster of art's distinction or not. This has always been so, and is even now more the truth. This is not a curse for we govern ourselves, and always have, in relation to things. Regarding practice: the event is inspired by the Plataforma de Afectados por La Hipoteca and also by contemporary uncivilization arts and poetics. Regarding texts: the conversation will be inspired by the following texts: some of which can be made available upon request. Laubichler and Renn: Extended Evolution: A Conceptual Framework for Integrating Regulatory Networks and Niche Construction Jason W Moore: Capitalism in the Web of Life Kerstin Stakemeier and Marina Vishmit: Reproducing Autonomy: Work, Money, Crisis and Contemporary Art Laura Hall: My Mother’s Garden: Aesthetics, Indigenous Renewal, and Creativity- in Davis and Turpin's Art in the Anthropocene. Alexander Weheliye: Habeaus Viscus Ada Colau and Adria Alemany (Michele Teran translator): Mortgaged Lives (link)
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