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Mathematik als Fremdsprache

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The idea of the class would be to give an idea of few mathematical concepts and theories (basics and advanced!), also for people who didn't or don't have to do with maths in the everyday life (btw:...this is just what you think :) ) 


However, besides being a science, an art, and a phylosophy, maths has also an own language, and I am sure understanding it is also part of the game

(if you ever tried to open an advanced mathematics book, you probably know that...).

The program can be organized depending on the interests, and if there will be enough people interested we could fix few topics in the first meeting. 


(Set theory, prime numbers, analysis, up to computational mathematics... and phylosophycal digressions are also welcomed)

ps: Few months ago someone (dennis) proposed also a math class, so, I guess there are many teachers out there! If someone else is willing to contribute, please let me know!


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Hi everybody,

how many people are still interested in this class?

(for the organizers: ) Do you think we could give it another try in 2013 :) ?


Hi everybody,

how many people are still interested in this class?

(for the organizers: ) Do you think we could give it another try in 2013 :) ?


I am back at the end of the week (Friday)

so, everyone back in berlin? when shall we meet?

ok cool, i'll post sth here in the last week of may to set a date.

Yes, I leave on 7th of May, back on 30th.
Lets try to organize a meeting for the very beginning of June to see how many people are in?

- ciao

fonzi, are you gone already by the 7th? if so, we can also just do the first meeting in june - i'm not sure how many people are gonna be there, so it might be good to pick a date that suits as many people as possible.

i am away till may 7. so maybe i will just have to pass you my dates + topics...

in general the whole week is fine, let's say,
3rd or 4th of May, anytime after 6:30pm?

sounds good.. any preferred dates?

how about a meeting in may then, like an organisational one, to see who's in and making a list of subjects and arranging dates?

happy this subject is back to life :)

Hi everybody,

in May I will be in Berlin only the first week, then back in June.

We could do a first meeting to see also how many we are :), decide a list of topics, and see if we can organize next classes for June/July.

What do you think?

hey guys,
i'm sorry this proposal kind of faded into the background, i was busy and also out of berlin for a while... anyway i'd still like to do some math.. are any others still interested? what about starting early in may? thursdays would work best for me, but some other days may also be possible... fonzi? anyone?

tuesdays 7pm would work best for me.
looking forward!


what about starting on 15th of February 6pm or 7pm?
(if not on Wed., Tue. or Thu. are also ok for me)

It is still 3 weeks from now, but I will have some time to collect some material.

See you!

i´d also love to join. out out personal interest i d love to learn a little bit about topology, especially geometric topology. otherwise the proposal sounds good.

i'd love to, and i think your proposal sounds great!


how many people would be willing to schedule the class starting somewhere in February?

A tentative list of topics could be:
set theory, number theory, basics of functions theory and linear algebra (+ in the end some applications of computational mathematics)
(around 8 classes??)

My idea would be to give some formal basics of the topics, then try to give you some feeling of what the current problems are, or what are the most important applications.
(or whatever else, if you have "special" wishes :) )
It would be interesting also to include some more historical or philosophical digression!

Let me know!

hey fonzi,
i proposed a math class not because i wanted to teach, but because i wanted to learn; i know very little about math, and i'd like to know more. so if you wanna facilitate and if some others are interested, maybe we can try to set it up some time.


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