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experiments in Narrative Film

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There is experimental film and there is narrative film and between the two is an area that is still being explored. If you were always wondering what would happen if people really started experimenting with narrative in ways that are not "indiewood" but still indicate a story, then this could be a good class for you. We will look at many films that have pushed the boundaries of narrative storytelling conventions, including the works of people like Sissako (Waiting for Hapiness), Bela Tarr, Claire Denis (Trouble Every Day), Kiarostami, Monte Hellman (Road to Nowhere), Tarkovsky (Mirror), No Wave Cinema (Amos Poe, Richard Kern), Pat O'Neil, Raul Ruiz, Surkorov (The Second Circle), Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Robert Frank, Lucretia Martel (The Headless Woman), Veiko Ounpuu (The Temptation of St. Tony), and others. We will read and discuss Rual Ruiz's "The Poetics of Cinema", "Film Culture" magazine, Artaud, French Extremism, Michel Chion's texts on the philosophy of sound in cinema, the remodernist film manifesto, non-western approaches to performance, texts on film narratology, and other texts on narrative theory. More than a survey of what has already been done in the field, this is a chance to try to define what could or will be done. We may also draw on theories of experimental literature as a model for what the possibilites for improvising with narrative in a film context could be. Authors we will look at include Robbe Grillet, Laszlo Krasznahorkai (War and War, The Melancholy of Resistance), Joshua Cohen (Heaven of Others), Mark Danielewski (House of Leaves), Claude Simon, Blanchot, David Markson, Thomas Bernhard, Robert Walser, Jane Bowles, Sarduy (Cobra), Lind (Ergo), Hawkes, etc. A special emphasis will be placed on discussing work with a spiritual and/or transcendental focus and work made in or about NYC. 

Also considering doing a directing workshop in tandem with the class for anyone who has experience directing narrative film and wants to do exercises based on these ideas...

I'm teaching this class in Los Angeles Public School now and am hoping to do a second round in NYC any time after April 1.  

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i'm really bummed that i've missed this.
any chance that you will have this again in los angeles?



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