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Fluxus 2012: "Performance Art" Apocalypse [ii]

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Grounded in the history of fluxus and it's influence on so-called performance art, the class will take the form of discussions, lectures, and the development of work individually and as a group. We will explore a variety of histories, educational re-enactments and recreations, and work toward the synthesis and production of new work. We will also workshop and analyse past and current work from a variety of critical perspectives. The performance space will change and can be anything from the street to the theater.

We have been increasingly interested in mapping the overlap and play between Fluxus histories and apocalyptic milieus, their relationships and conjunctions, what it means to explore Flux in a period of "contemporary" apocalypsis, and how the two theses can (re)define one another. As such, we are interested to explore a multiferous Apocalypse (revelationist, ecological, Ma'ayan, metaphorical, etc) through the dynamic lense of Fluxus art-theory, and visa versa, and use the two histories to cast a mutual illumination.

The group should be a mixed workshop and classroom, stretching between production-oriented studio and a critically analytic/theoretical spheres, 
Homework assignments will include watching videos and reading about past and current work, the creation of conceptual pieces, and the performance of new work, both solo and ensemble. No previous experience in performance art is necessary - we only ask an interest in the subject and a creatively respectful attitude.

We previously organized this class in New Orleans and would like to approach a progressive round two when we are back in New York this coming summer.


Rise from your grave.

not yet - it's still pretty far out, and we'll need a space and a date. but in the mean time, let us know about ideas you have around flux apocalyptica, critical theory and performance.

it will probably be sometime in june/july.

Hi all,

DO you know already when you are going to meet?




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