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Unsexy Heresy

"Since 1993 millions of Roman Catholics have petitioned the Pope to proclaim a new dogma that would effectively add Mary to the Holy Trinity" says Ronald F. Hock of USC in the introduction to his 2004 book Banned Book of Mary concerning the forbidden Infancy Gospel of James written about 150 A.D. This class would not focus on the above mentioned petition per se, but on a much more radical reading of the Infancy Gospel of James, one which could claim Mary herself to be Christ, besides ofcourse the established place of her Son, Jesus Christ. This class is by no means a pontification, but a simple exploratory publication of this perennial, albeit unsexy, heresy.

For example: the earliest mention of this heresy is by St. Epiphanius in his condemnation of the Corryridians. It was later mentioned in the fifth chapter of the Koran and then it fuelled a holy war against the Spanish by the Mayans. Doubtless today's feminist spirituality offers this heresy a peripheral revival, and who knows maybe the Pussy Riot's punk prayer to the Virgin Mother was in truth. Sonic Youth sang a song called Mary Christ on their album Goo. Perhaps the arrival of Mary Christ is the sort of "new" Catholic event Meillassoux hypothesized in The Number and the Siren. Such, if occurring soon, would be in line with the interpretation of St. Malachy's prediction that the end of the Roman Catholic church as it is known is near.

The unsexy heresy of Mary Christ, can possibly formulate a Holy Trinity of total immanence, not too much unlike Spinoza's substance, or Eckhart's soul, if what's said of her by Joyce, Goethe, and Dante is hermeneutically opened up to be so.

This would not be a mariology, nor mariolatry class.


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