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New York

Another 10 January 2011 reading

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"Invisible Politics: An Introduction to Contemporary Communisation" by John Cunningham, Mute Magazine, Vol. 2 #14 (Winter 2009):

More 10 January 2011 Readings

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

Below are two short pieces written in the interim between the first and second New School occupations.  The first is more theoretical, the second is more grounded, but they should really be read together.


Preoccupied: the Logic of Occupation

The New School Occupation: Perspectives on the Takeover of a Building

10 January 2011 Readings

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

Speculations on the Stationary State:


Texts on communization:




This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

#32, 11 September 2011, No Space
--Torre Bela - Thomas Harlan, 1975, 81 minutes
--Working Slowly - Guido Chiesa, 2004, 98 minutes
--Paths Through Utopias - Isabelle Fremeaux, John Jordan and Kypros Kyprianou, 2011, 109 minutes

Lacan and Science

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Here's the anecdote about Lacan & Chomsky that I tried to recall last night. This was in response to Emma's observation that Lacan seemed to revere science even though his statements were frequently anything but scientific.  This is from "Jacques Lacan" by Elisabeth Roudinesco.

Texts Mentioned So Far

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

--Discourse on Voluntary Servitude - Étienne de La Boétie, 1548
--"Private Property and Communism" - Karl Marx, 1844, 14 pages
--The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts - Karl Marx, 1844/1959
--"Where to Begin?" - V.I. Lenin, 1901, 7 pages
--What is to Be Done? - V.I. Lenin, 1902, 170 pages
--Mutual Aid - Peter Kropotkin, 1902
--Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder - V.I. Lenin, 1920, 85 pages
--"Open Letter to Comrade Lenin" - Herman Gorter, 1921
--"Party and Class" - Amadeo Bordiga, 1921
--"The Democratic Principle" - Amadeo Bordiga, 1922
--"Spontaneity and Conscious Leadership" - Antonio Gramsci, 1930
--"Party and Working Class" - Anton Pannekoek, 1936
--"On the Content of Socialism, 2" - Cornelius Castoriadis, 1957, 118 pages

Being & Event: Session 3

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Hi again, 

For everyone who came on saturday, thank you very much, I thought it was an excellent discussion! And apologies once again for droning on a little long at the beginning, getting the format just right (for me at least) is pretty experimental, so I am thinking for next time to just take copious notes and be ready to bring up questions to foster conversation.

Also, just to keep people in the loop, a professor from the New School was very receptive to an invitation as a guest lecturer/interlocutor in future sessions, but hasn't committed or anything but it sounds very promising (also I know a professor from Wellesley who's very interested in joining us for a talk). Just to keep things interesting....



Ok, so we agreed: Session III will be Saturday, January 15th @ 2pm  (if someone from the Public School can post this on the calendar, thank you) -- we'll be reading Parts III and IV.

Performing participation #1

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This is the first event regarding Performing Participation class. Thank you for interest and comments. I envision the classes to take many forms and methods of participation, and I want the first event to be a live performance and screening of performance works. As some other classes have reading list or screening, this class will have live performance, and a lecture-discussion class following in a separate date. Some of the artist will join the following class, which will be more participatory for the students.

Reading 2: II. Early Foragers & Farmers

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Who were the first foragers? What are some of the theories as to why they managed to exist for some for over 100,000 years before the arrival of agriculture? We then look at theories that brought about the first agricultural revolution. Reading range from Standage's "edible" perspective to Gessert "aesthetic" perspective.

2:00pm, Saturday, January 29th, 2011
New York Public Library's
Mulberry Street Library
10 Jersey Street (Between Lafayette & Mulberry Streets),
New York, NY 10012-3332
(212) 966-3424 (Map and directions)




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