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New York

Tomorrow Nite, Nov 11: "Everything is Dangerous" - A Case for the Pamphlet as Criticism

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In regards to tracing the history of the book and activism, this talk tomorrow night at Art in General might contain points from which to follow. Although Kristina Lee Podesva's starting point on the pamphlet + art criticism is the 19th Century, it might be possible to trace it back the 18th Century, which of no coincidence was also the birth of the Neo-Classic period and the Parisian Salon, a pivotal point in Europe that attempted to democratize the production, exhibition, and criticism of art.

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"Everything is Dangerous" - A Case for the Pamphlet as Criticism
Thursday, November 11, 2010, 6 pm

Art in General
79 Walker St

Being & Event: Session 2

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Hello all,

I think Saturday went really well! We agreed to convene once again on Saturday, December 4th @ 2pm.

Please read Parts I and II by then.


Also, please consider offering a presentation to the group in order to frame further discussion. Suggested topics

for parts I & II could include:

Badiou & Plato

Badiou & Aristotle

"The Void"

Badiou & Spinoza


And so on. Of course, more discussion on set theory, axioms and mathematics are DEFINITELY welcome. If no one steps

forward I'll will have something prepared.


For more reading on that, a Badiou book group leader @ Middlesex recommended to me these titles:

"The Philosophy of Set Theory" by Mary Tiles

"The Infinite" by A.W. Moore (chapters devoted to Cantor)


François Laruelle: Two Diagrams

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Two diagrams illustratring central concepts in the work of François Laruelle.



Disorganizing Sound | Session 5 : DIY DJ

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For this session of Disorganizing Sound, TPSNY invites you to DJ the final party at 177 Livingston St., perhaps drawing inspiration from previous sessions, whether that means Nyman or disco or Ayler.  Bring your own music, step up to the decks (and/or iPod) and help us say farewell, 177.

Reading 1: I. Garden Perspectives

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Through the first series of readings we get a historical overview from the perspective of an Curator/Art Historian, Artist/Researcher, and Garden Historian. We can conclude with a discussion of upcoming readings and particular interest in the group.

DATE: SAT, November 20, 2010 at 3:00pm
Wyoming Building (Goethe Institute Off site) 5 East 3rd Street (between Bowery and 2nd Ave) New York, NY 10003
LISTEN: Patterns of Plants, Mamoru Fujieda. Tzadik, 1997

another translation of "our" poem

This post was made to the blog for handmade book creation, art, and activism

from a Basque newspaper, provided by Jack Collom:

Eragozpena aundiya dezu
ta da aundienetakua.
Auxe, bai, dala gaurko egunian
estali gabe zulua

Olaku leku biar biarrezkuan
izenbat on ona egin leiken,
antxen bilduta zuri ta beltzak!
Ez da gauz erraza neurtzen.


Charles Bernstein

From the Basque

Ears are poppin' everybody's dancin'
to the Andalusiana.
Ax, bat, delirious bobbing especially
establishes gulled surfeit.

O like a leaky bear's Bar Mitzvah
intent on owning, egging, lurking
Anxious bickering surely taps ballistic!
As the gauze errata neutralizes.







Good Read to Accompany

The Hour, by Bernard DeVoto, is a manifesto to restore the sanctity of the cocktail hour, and would make a great read to accompany the course:


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465 Grand Street in Manhattan? I ask because most of the other PS classes are in Brooklyn.




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