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New York

Happening soon..

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Got word this is approved and will be scheduled soon - who's ready?

update (show of interest)



If there is anyone still interested in reading and discussing this book, let me know.  I think that is it is timely material to hash out.

I live in Brooklyn and am willing to travel up to a 40 minute commute as a central location for other participants.  



biopolitics and beyond

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think this sounds great- definitely a good idea to possibly compose a list of ways to structure the rotating teachers/ visiting lecturers during the first class depending on the interest level shown amongst the people who are in attendance. I feel this is an enormous amount of material to be covered. do love the veracity of it.  wondering if it's a good idea to bring in the notion of "biopolitics, narrative and temporality" in regards to "attention." For example, Merav Amir has a great text on "Bio-Temporality and Social Regulation: the Emergence of the Biological Clock." Not sure if this becomes too wide in scope in combination with the theme at hand, or if it would help to mend some of the mentioned topics in the class proposal.   

Suggested Readings

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Here are a bunch of possible texts to read that came up in our initial discussions, or were leftovers from the old reading group. Please continue to add whatever other suggestions in the comments section. And bring ideas each time to the meetings, and we'll decide together where to go next, based on whatever everyone's feeling.

--The Ego and its Own - Max Stirner, 1845
--Revolutionary Government - Peter Kropotkin, 1880
--The Will to Power - Friedrich Nietzsche, 1901
--The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions - Rosa Luxemburg, 1906
--Reflections on Violence - George Sorel, 1908
--The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love): Psychology of Ecstasy - Austin Osman Spare, 1913
--The State and Revolution - Vladimir Lenin, 1918
--Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder - Vladimir Lenin, 1920, 85 pages
--"The Democratic Principle" - Amadeo Bordiga, 1922
--"Democracy and Anarchy" - Errico Malatesta, 1924

Para-Academia | Session 6: Are Cyborg: Cyberstuff, Design, and the Great Body Remix | Facilitated by Ethan Gould

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Para-Academia | Session 6: Are Cyborg: Cyberstuff, Design, and the Great Body Remix
Facilitated by Ethan Gould

Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 8:00pm
Observatory at Proteus Gowanus, 543 Union Street, Brooklyn

Artist Ethan Gould presents a multimedia talk on the wide-ranging design ethos of the classic science fiction trope, the CYBORG: a fictional and widely disseminated pop-melding of mechanics and human biology whose quiet shadow, the field of cybernetics, has totally transformed our world and ourselves.

This Saturday, November 19 at 12:00pm | #whOWNSpace #UES #midtown #FiDi: Observe, Diagram, Intervene

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This Saturday, November 19 at 12:00pm | #whOWNSpace #UES #midtown #FiDi: Observe, Diagram, Intervene

This studio/class will use design and urban theory to critically study the design, ownership, and rules of New York City's open spaces as part of the #whOWNSpace research project. #whOWNSpace arises from the the questions that the #occupywallstreet movement has brought up about ownership and use of open space in New York City, North America, and cities around the world. 

The class will occur at three sites simultaneously in order to focus on the varying centers of control in Manhattan--both public and private. The lens for the studio will be on power dynamics around public space, focusing on the potential of open space to create democratic vitality. 

more recommended reading...

A number of PDF's relating to Robert Ashley and topics for the first session are here:



Also, check out these upcoming NYC Robert Ashley events:


Foucault on the Space of Gardens

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"Third principle. The heterotopia has the power of juxtaposing in a single real place different spaces and locations that are incompatible with each other. Thus on the rectangle of its stage, the theater alternates as a series of places that are alien to each other; thus the cinema appears as a very curious rectangular hall, at the back of which a three-dimensional space is projected onto a two-dimensional screen. Perhaps the oldest example of these heterotopias in the form of contradictory locations is the garden.[...]" - Of Other Spaces: Utopias & Heterotopias by Michel Foucault.


Found this interesting concept of "other spaces" by Foucault that I thought I would share with you in relation to the recent readings.
You can download the pdf here: Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias" by Michel Foucault

Studying Urbanism at Occupy Wall Street

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Inspired by conversations in and around Occupy Wall Street, I’d like to read some text about urbanism and talk about the with TPSNY and others at Occupy Wall Street. The premise (or the question) is that Capitalism is inherently associated with Urbanism, that the way cities are built and the way suburbs are created and the way natural resources are industrialized for urban spaces: the process is a material manifestation of how the Capitalism works. The goal is to understand the workings of urban spaces especially at the times of civil resistance and to intervene in the space created by Occupy Wall Street for an opportunity to imagine carry out creative spatial practice.


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I attended this class in August and thought Jay's presentation perhaps the best I

ever witnessed. Superb pacing, facilitation, and organization of a range of provocative

material. Fogive my fogginess; but is this being offered again & when? Thanks!


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