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New York

Recommended reading

Hello all, 

For anyone interested in taking this course, see the below links for PDFs of recommended reading for the first session:

"Agape" by Alex Waterman:

"Experimental Music" by Michael Nyman:

Sean Dockray suggested we post this here...

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The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest is looking for
researchers for a movement journalism project among Occupy Wall Wtreet.

Interested in observations and reflections, militant research.
We have a rubric.

To be published online by joaap.



events are happening- the window for the project may close.

if interested, contact us at if your interested.


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Just as a reminder - this is a 2-day workshop with most of the history and technical stuff covered on day 1 and most of the recording action on day 2. You should plan on coming on both days to attend this workshop.


The other alternative is to just focus on Robot Operating System (ROS) and teach only that language since it is the dominant language and is now tied to Android with ROSjava.

Ritual & Nature: Walk & Reading

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Ritual & Nature
A walk and reading
initiated by ArtCodex and vizKult, et al. 


walk starting point:
Sunday, Sept 11th
meet 5:45pm*
@ Broadway & W. 155th St.
(Trinity Cemetery & Mausoleum Uptown)


subway: A, C to 155th st. / 1 to 157th St. 



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the soundless sound of the sponge



taking and giving to the


a hard sponge


breathing, breathless

formless form

soaking up

squeezinng out

floating in

and about and above



disappearance into the

formless form

expansion of the formless



I feel like a sponge

taking taking taking

endless soaking


letting go

the fluid drips

dripping drops

out of the shapeless


formless shape



shaping itself around

the holder

being held

the sponge






the black board

the chalk screaching


white on black

the sponge

RSVP please

This post was made to the blog for Field Recording

Please RSVP to me directly if you would iike to confirm a spot in the workshop and can come on both dates.



Para-Academia & Theory Fiction | Session 4: Complicitous Continuums: The Horrors of the Cosmicist Earth

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Para-Academia & Theory Fiction | Session 4: Complicitous Continuums: The Horrors of the Cosmicist Earth, facilitated by Ben Woodard  

Saturday, September 17 at 1:00pm at Observatory [You must enter through the blue front doors on Union Street. Push buzzer #1E.] 

This course will explore the Geo-philosophical earth as theory-fictional node for explaining a cosmicism/universalism in which the outside is continuously advancing upon all purportedly firm grounds and solid bodies. Weirdness, as in the weird of weird fiction and the darkness of dark romanticism and the crumble of the gothic, will be explored as the intrusion of the non-local upon the local, arguing that all stability is in fact subject to continuous degradation, shift, and collapse. 


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