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New York

"If a Tree Falls" The Earth Liberation Front

This post was made to the blog for Urban Foraging Group v3: Fall/Win Reading Group 2010-11

Earth Liberation Front. 2008, Woodinville, WA USA.


Although we haven't discussed contemporary eco-struggles in the reading group, I thought it might be interesting to note that the documentary film "If a Tree Falls", the story of the Earth Liberation Front is showing at IFC. Unfortunately the last screening is today at 6:30pm.

The documentary tells the radical history of the ELF, who's main focus is inflicting property damage on companies that capitalizing on nature, while focusing on the trial of a main member in the group. The story takes a turn when Earth Liberation Front path intersects with the development of new post-911 terrorism laws.


Supplementary Text: Blogger As Producer

This post was made to the blog for Benjamin Reading Group – The Author as Producer

Hi All


I want to add this article as a supplementary text to Benjamin, which brings the discussion to the contemporary a little bit.

Blogger as Producer [Net Art Review]:


Also, an updated form of the article mentioned in that article, Barbrook's "High-Tech Gift Economy" [not a required text, but good addition to the discussion] can be found here:


Please feel free to suggest texts in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts on this topic!

Autonomia readings

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

OK, here are the Autonomia readings for this week.  Sorry it took so long.


First, a PDF with 3 selections from the Semiotext(e) one-off journal Autonomia: Post-Political Politics (1980/2007):

1. Franco "Bifo" Berardi, "Anatomy of Autonomy" (historical background) - 14 pgs.

2. "Autoreduction Movements in Turin" - 7 pgs.

3. "Lama Sabachthani" (account of a union leader's attempt to give a speech at Rome University, which ended in a brawl between students and Communist Party roughnecks) - 2 pgs.


Also: Negri's "Domination & Sabotage" (the copy on the DSG website didn't have page number so I added them): - 29 pgs.


Try to also read the pieces that Cordelia posted: (1) Sonogram of a Potential by Tiqqun, and (2) the account of Radio Alice




sonogram of a potential This is the link to Sonogram of a Potential which folks seemed pretty interested in reading for next week. <- The piece here, "Radio Alice - A/Traverso", for those interested, might be a good short read if we decide to watch the Radio Alice film Alex suggested. 

"After the events of March 1977, Radio Alice became the symbol of the free radios. It was emitted from Bologna, one of the strongholds of the Italian Communist Party and the explicit showcase for the Historical Compromise [alliance between Christian Democrats and Italian Communist Party (PCI)]."

This is Not a Program - alternate version

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

I bought the book of This is Not a Program and scanned it at work. When I saw Abe's post, I thought my (tedious) work was all for naught. But then I compared the two texts and noticed that the book version was a much better translation.  (The other version has some glaring mistakes, e.g., translating the French verb "résumer" as "to resume" when it actually means "to summarize.") The book version is also much more readable:


(If you've already read the other version there's no need to read this one.  The two are sufficiently similar.)


And yes, do read the more journalistic stuff Abe linked to as well. 

this is not a note

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

i think we agreed to read "this is not a program" for next week. here's the link to the pdf:

we also kicked around the idea of reading some sort of "reportage" about some on going goings on.






hey comrades

This post was made to the blog for Anti-State Communism Reading Group

love from this boring corner of the planet. Happened to come across this film again about Negri, a few years old but maybe some of you haven't seen it and would be interested. The first part about the 70s is interesting i think.


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☀  for Georges Bataille, H.P. Lovecraft, and Wythe Marschall  ☀



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