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New York


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Multiple tentacles that are never confused in the explicit goal of movement, food, and protection. The ink that helps displace confusion to others, maybe to self. Ink, dark and thick, smoking screen for an easy exit, leaving the past behind in a cloud of expectations.

Heidegger's Terminology

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These definitions are a little rough, but I hope they help familiarize people a little bit with Heidegger's vocabulary:


Heidegger’s Terminology


the spectacle wished to make us appear dreadful we intend to be much worse

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interesting reflections from ex-member of os cangaceiros

I'd love to teach this

I'm an ArtClock maker with a workshop in Ridgewood, Queens.  I make digital clocks using microprocessors and found materials (i.e. trash).  Also, I like to teach and have a lot of experience in it.  This is right up my alley!  Feel free to look at a bit of my work:



PP 1 class info

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<Performing Participation #1> is a live performance and video screening that question the conditions of participation in contemporary art practice. Performance documentation of Brody Condon’s ‘Level Five’, Nadja V. Marcin’s ‘Nadja by Breton’ and Jon Cohr’s ‘Spice Trade Expedition’ will be screened. Live performances of new works by Zachary Lieberman, David J. Merritt, Alan Bailey and Taeyoon Choi will be presented . The event will take place in an empty commercial storefront at 200 Schermerhorn Street, downtown Brooklyn, December 11th, 7pm, 2010. <Performing Participation #1> is organized by Taeyoon Choi with the Public School New York. The class will invite artists who work in the public space, participatory and community, collective practices to discuss about their issues with participation and community.


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oooh look a newly translated pamphlet by Bonanno on Malatesta - my two favorite anarchists, this is probably the shit

Donald Judd at Zwirner

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Donald Judd exhibition opens at David Zwirner Friday, May 7, 6–8pm



David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Donald Judd drawn from the artist's seminal 1989 exhibition held at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany. Brought together from international public and private collections, this will be the first time these particular works have been exhibited together in a group of this size since Judd's 1989 installation.

Class recap & upcoming classes

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Just wanted to recap on our last class:


The previous class focused on "experimenting" with creating and applying wheatpaste to surfaces in order to determine the best approach for upcoming projects. In the process we discovered that the best ratio when creating wheatpaste is 2:.05 (wheatpaste to water) from mostly trial and error. We didn't experiment with different types of materials as hoped but generally it seems less dense paper material fares better when being wheatpasted.


We've decided to take a two week break as a result of the cosequetive holidays in the coming weeks. Also taking a break will allow the experienced members of the class a chance to join us as we prepare to move out of the theoretical phase (if there's such a thing in this class). I'm also interested in having readings during this two week break and any suggestions are welcome, anyway see everyone soon.. peace out!



Saul Newman -- May 12

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I believe we do not have a location for this yet.


The text From Bakunin to Lacan: Anti-Authoritarianism and the Dislocation of Power

is available for download here:


An here is a "selected bibliography" on postanarchism(s) compiled by noted postanarchist scholar Duane Rouselle

It's a little old now, so it doesn't cover stuff from the last couple years


Duane also edits an academic journal that draws mainly on  postanarchist thought

Address for remaining classes

This post was made to the blog for Wheat Paste: A {very}short study of creating and applying fun into the world.

for the future classes: my studio address is:

41 Belvidere Street between Broadway & Beaver. Brooklyn NY

here it is on the map!

you need to call from downstairs to get let in.

here is our numbers:

SpazeCraft: 9179415086

Dr. Quest: 7173146664

Dr. Quest will send out info for the remaining classes & times.


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