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Reminder about our Skype conversation after the Design Studio!

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Hi everyone, this is a reminder that we are planning to host a follow-up chat at Basekamp via Skype for those of you who are interested and/or cannot attend. This would also be good for anyone who lives too far away to participate - we will be logging in at approximately 9pm EST and you may reach us via karen.saillant (IOTheater Artistic Director)

Tentative Schedule & planning via Google Docs

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I've started a planning space on Google Docs. I posted my notes from the Information Graphics Preparatory Planning session we had this past Saturday (May 8th, 11am at Basekamp.) Please feel free to contribute; hopefully we can continue the conversation on this course proposal in the comments or in this planning space.

During our meeting, we agreed that May 22nd at 11:30am would be a good date/time so I've opted to help organize & put the course workflow into 'scheduling' phase. This is by no means final. Feel free to chime in if you have other ideas!

Per the notes I've posted: Hopefully I / we can provide links to references/documents where appropriate.

Themes & Inspiration Samples

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The Fabric is Used as a Kind of Rorschach Test That Makes Visible The  Inner Self
To see a 2 minute trailers of our new operatic paradigm, Saillant, in action, please go to Jago and Romeo e Giulietta our last two Italian productions. 

Senza Fine-" Without End"- O for opera singers with eyes that move! (youtube)

Skype Chat link

This post was made to the blog for Information Graphics Preparatory Planning

You can use this link to log-in to the Planning Session via Skype:

Possibility for follow-up discussion after via Skype

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After the design studio, I'd like to organize a skype chat - round-table style discussion of what we accomplished during and what are next steps are moving forward.

We will need a little time to set-up so maybe a 15 minute break after the course itself. Please sign-up to attend even if you're only interested in the skype portion so we can gauge your interest! perhaps let us know with a comment on the course or on this note to let us know you'll only be able to make the skype bit.


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