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Space of Learning Two is an investigation into the role of action within learning.

The Marxist analysis of alienation under modern capitalism states that not only is the individual worker alienated from the "full fruits of their industry", but from access to various possibilities restricted as exterior to their position in society.

Alienation is later expanded by Debord's analysis of the Spectacle.

"The alienation of the spectator, which reinforces the contemplated objects that result from his own unconscious activity, works like this: The more he contemplates, the less he lives; the more he identifies with the dominant images of need, the less he understands his own life and his own desires. The spectacle’s estrangement from the acting subject is expressed by the fact that the individual’s gestures are no longer his own; they are the gestures of someone else who represents them to him. The spectator does not feel at home anywhere, because the spectacle is everywhere". ~  Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

The spectacle is permeates all life in the 21st century. Not just harnessing our desire through images it is between us and our everyday activities, drawing them into its context. The logic of Capital, "why do anything unless to  achieve profit?" is within our experience of even the most new situation. Driven by an alien desire to produce and to profit the plurality of  action has been reduced to one form. What of action that is not for production?

For the next meeting of Space of learning we will address alienation, being-at-hand held within learning, the complex issue of bourgeois leisure time and productive labour and the thorny issue of how the spectacle harnesses attempts of action exterior to it, transforming it into currency, into social cleansing, gentrification and exploitation.

From 8pm - 10pm will will be at the Hornbeam Cafe in Walthamstow (458 Hoe Street, E17

There will be materials provided for free to make bread dough and some reasonably experienced bakers if advice is needed.

We will attempt to address some of the above issues in the context of measuring and kneading.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 20:00
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Action and learning
Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 9AH more
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